Land Acquisition by George Lyon

1837 Richmond Elite in Goulbourn Land Acquisition by Industrialist, George Lyon

Introduction & transcription by George Neville:

This posting of land transaction documentation provides further insight not only to George Lyon (Factoid #26), but also to other notables of the time, viz., Andrew Joynt, Robert Brownlee, Hugh Mallon, Sewell Ormsby, and George Lyon’s oldest and deviant son, George B. Lyon whose names are cited on the documents transcribed below.

The documentation begins with a ‘Letter of Attorney’ prepared for Hugh Mallon by his Attorney, John Radenhurst of York, for the sale and transfer of the East half of Lot 12 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn to George Lyon in payment of 12£ 10 shillings of Upper Canada money. Mallon’s Attorney is his brother-in-law whose sister is Catharine (née Radenhurst), wife of George Lyon. Hugh Mallon, it appears could not write, for he simply made his X mark on the document prepared for him that was witnessed by two Richmondites, Andw Joynt and Robert Brownlee. The second document is an Oath by Andrew Joynt sworn at Richmond before Sewell Ormsby, Commissioner for taking affidavits in the Court of Kings Bench. From the third document, “A Search in the Surveyor General’s Office”, we learn that the said parcel of land was for 100 acres granted 21 Jany 1824 by Order in Council to Hugh Mallon as a discharged soldier from the 99th Regiment [of Foot] with no issue of description. This is followed by a Notice, dated 6th March 1837 issued at Perth, to the effect that George Lyon will be accorded a Patent for the land at the July session of The Honorable, The Commissioners for ascertaining land title when the original nominee is dead and no Patent had been previously issued. What is curious is the Cover Summary to this documentation that provides Notice of transfer by George B. Lyon [a son] to [his father] George Lyon on 11th July 1837 as Claim No. 133 that was allowed on 14 July 1837 by WB Malinseny OJ.


George Lyon, 1837, Ontario Archives RG 40 D1 (40 – 1778, 1837) [Transcribed Aug. 2017]


Know all men by these presents that I Hugh Mallon of the Township of Goulburn [sic] in the County of Carleton District of Bathurst and province of Upper Canada yeoman, Have made, ordained, nominated, and appointed, and by these presents, do make, ordain, nominate, Constitute and appoint John Radenhurst of York in the County of York of the Home District and province Aforesaid Esqre My true and Lawful Attorney for me and in my name to ask, demand, and Receive of and from the Secretary of the Said province of Upper Canada or Such other person as may be authorized to deliver the Same, The Patent, or Title Deed from the Crown of the East half of Lot Number Twelve in the Seventh Concession of the Said Township of Goulburn, Containing one Hundred Acres, more or less, and upon receipt thereof for me and in My name, place, and Stead, and as my act and deed, To Sign, Seal, execute and deliver, to George Lyon of the Town of Richmond, Township of Goulburn [sic], County of Carleton, and District of Bathurst, Esquire, a good and Sufficient Deed of Bargain and Sale in fee Simple for the Said East half Lot Number Twelve In the Seventh Concession of Goulburn [sic], aforesaid In Consideration of Twelve pounds ten Shillings of Lawfull [sic] Money of Upper Canada paid me by the Said George Lyon aforesaid for the Same, To hold the Said Land above Mentioned, With the

appurtenances thereunto appertaining to him the Said George Lyon his Heirs Assigns for ever, hereby Ratefying [sic] allowing and confirming whatsoever my Said Attorney May do or Cause to be done, In or Concerning the said premisses.


In witness whereof I have hereunto Set and put my hand and affixed My Seal at Richmond this Second day of March In the Year of our Lord One thousand eight Hundred and Twenty nine.


Signed Sealed and          his

Delivered in Presence Hugh X Mallon
of          Mark

Andw Joynt

Robert Brownlee



Province of Upper Canada


Bathurst District To Wit Andrew Joynt of Richmond in the Bathurst District Gentleman, maketh oath and saith that he this deponent was personally present and did see Hugh Mallon late of the Township of Goulburn [sic] in Said District Yeoman duly execute the annexed “Letter of Attorney” and that the same was executed in the presence of this deponent and one Robert Brownlee who are the subscribing witnesses to the same, and this deponent further saith that the name of this deponent and the said Robert Brownlee subscribed thereto as such witnesses are of the respective proper handwritings of this deponent and the said Robert Brownlee.   This deponent first saith that the said Hugh Mallon died in the said Township of Goulburn [sic] some time in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty two and this deponent verily believes xxxxxxx making any other disposal of his property.

Andrew Joynt [his signature]

Sworn before me at Richmond

this 3d day of July Year 1837
Sewell Ormsby

Commissioner for taking affidavits in the Court of Kings Bench

A Search in the

Surveyor Genls Office Toronto 13th July 1837


I hereby Certify that the East half of Lot No 12 in the 7 Concession of the Township of Goulburn [sic] was Conveyed(?) 17 July 1828 in the Name of Hugh Mallon under Order in Council of the 21 Jany 1824 for 100 Acres of Land as a discharged Soldier from the 99 Regiment for which no description has issued. J W Macauley

Surv Genl

To The Honorable

The Commissioners



Notice Is hereby given that George Lyon of the Town of Richmond in the Bathurst District Esquire, will at this next sitting on July of the Honorable the Commissioners appointed for ascertaining titles to lands when no patent hath issued and where the original nominee is dead & claims the East half of lot number Twelve in the Seventh Concession of the Township of Goulburn [sic] in said district as assignee of Hugh Mallon deceased the original nominee of the Crown for said land.

Perth 6th March 1837


[Annotation below Notice]

Received, Thursday 16th March 1837 THR JP


[Cover Summary]

Notice – George Lyon Esq received 11th July 1837 from Mr George B. Lyon

Claim No 133

14 July 1837 Allowed W B Melinseny (?) OJ(?)

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