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The Lyon Family:

  • Captain George Lyon (1790-1851) – This blog provides information on Captain Lyon , his Canadian siblings, his wife Catherine and their children
  • Catherine Radenhurst Lyon – This blog provides the text of a letter written by Catherine to her aunt, Mrs. Ridout, on Oct. 16, 1814. It describes her experiences during the War of 1812.
  • George Seymour Lyon – This blog provides information on the athletic accomplishments of George Seymour Lyon, grandson of Captain George Lyon, and winner of an Olympic Gold medal in Golf.
  • Siblings of George Lyon – Information on Captain Lyon’s siblings – both those who remained in Scotland and those who came to Canada.
  • Wilson- Lyon Duel – This blog outlines the duel which led to the death of Captain Lyon’s brother, Robert, in Perth Ontario in 1833.

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