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The Lyon Family:

  • Captain George Lyon (1790-1851) – This blog provides information on Captain Lyon , his Canadian siblings, his wife Catherine and their children
  • Catherine Radenhurst Lyon – This blog provides the text of a letter written by Catherine to her aunt, Mrs. Ridout, on Oct. 16, 1814. It describes her experiences during the War of 1812.
  • George Seymour Lyon – This blog provides information on the athletic accomplishments of George Seymour Lyon, grandson of Captain George Lyon, and winner of an Olympic Gold medal in Golf.
  • Siblings of George Lyon – Information on Captain Lyon’s siblings – both those who remained in Scotland and those who came to Canada.
  • Wilson- Lyon Duel – This blog outlines the duel which led to the death of Captain Lyon’s brother, Robert, in Perth Ontario in 1833.

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  1. David Vaughan says:

    I am searching for information on the Vaughan family that I believe came to the Richmond area in the mid 19th century. Some ancestors are buried in Richmond (perhaps Andrew (1852-1938), Charles (about 1850-1929, Eva Vaughan Bennett (1883-1960), Alfred, and possibly others.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • mscott says:

      Hello David, I know a little about the various Vaughan families in Richmond but unfortunately little about your family.
      1. There are several branches of the Vaughan family presently living in the village. As far as I know, they are all descendants of Sergeant William Vaughan a member of the 100th Regiment (an Irish Regiment) who settled in Goulbourn Township in 1818. He and his descendants originally lived in Goulbourn Township. The vast majority of the family were members of the Anglican Church. Some changed the spelling of their name to Vaughn and there are two young men of that branch buried in St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery.
      2. Another family of Vaughans came to the village in the mid 1800’s. This family lived close to St. Philip’s Roman Catholic Church and were very active in church life. ( there are stained glass windows dedicated to members of the family).
      3. I believe you are looking for a third family. I’m sure that you have already checked the census records which indicate that they immigrated from England about 1880. A history of St. Paul’s Cemetery indicates that a C. Vaughan “appears to have been engaged as an early grounds keeper from about 1897 to about 1922 when Andrew Vaughan was paid for cleaning the cemetery.” Around 1900, the road between Richmond and Ottawa was a toll road. The toll station
      closest to Richmond was locally referred to as the Town line toll but was actually located in Nepean Township. (Richmond is located within a mile of the Goulbourn/Nepean town line). This toll gate closed in 1912 but a local history book “Richmond 150” lists Charlie Vaughan as a “tollman” so its probable that he lived just outside the village in Nepean.
      4. There is a Fred Vaughan on the list of Richmond war veterans but I don’t know to which family he belongs.
      The archivist of the Goulbourn Township Historical Society may be able to provide you with more information as they have files on the Vaughan and Bennett families.
      I hope this helps,
      Marion Scott

  2. David Vaughan says:

    Thank you for the information!
    My Dad, actually the Fred Vaughan you mention as a WWI veteran. His name appeared on a framed document in the Richmond town hall, 2nd floor, that recognized WWI vets. He had visited some distant relatives in the UK (perhaps from Wales or the area southwest of London) while he was on active duty circa 1915, and had thought our family had come from Wales, but I have no confirmation or timing.
    His father, Charles (born circa 1850 – died 8/14/1929), was originally a farmer and had 8 children: Eva E. Vaughan Bennett, Charles Herbert Vaughan, David Andrew “Andy” Vaughan, Alfred Vaughan, Anna Vaughan Beardsley, Amelia Reta “Mildred” Vaughan, John Frederick Simpson Vaughan (my father; born 7/5/1893) And Lorne Vaughan.
    Grandfather Charles was married to Mary Jane Graham (born circa 1860 – died 7/3/1939) whose parents were N. David Graham (1833-1920) and Mary Jane Simpson (1831-1921). There were at least 3 brothers of M.J. Graham (Simpson) – Milton Graham, Joshua Graham and James Graham. I believe that they lived near the “7th line” if that makes any sense.
    Any other info you can find would be great!

    • Liz Ludford says:

      I am researching my ancestors in the Richmond area as well. We are not related but just before I saw your posting I was on and saw a lot of detail on the Vaughan family in Richmond. Apparently they hosted the Duke of Richmond? And William, a servant in Ireland married Lady Jane Copeland? Positng the link here, hope it helps. If you run across any entries for a Cole or Eady in Richmond / Goulbourn please send my way.

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