Tabulation of 1834 Land Patents to Richmond and Goulbourn Claimants

Over the last few months researchers interested in early Richmond and Goulbourn history have been discussing location tickets, terms of settlement and land patents. The following tabulation, excerpted and transcribed by George Neville, adds to the discussion and explains why there was a spike in the number of land patents granted in 1834. From a Lower Canada government record George has compiled a list of prominent local residents who received FREE land patents as a reward for their patriotism and leadership. In 1834 there was no Richmond municipal government and it appears that the recorder did not differentiate between Goulbourn and Richmond. Many of the grants were 11 acres and it seems that these were comprised of one park lot and one town lot in Richmond. A cross reference with Jim Stanzell’s “Land Patent Holders Goulbourn Township and Village of Richmond”, and George Neville’s article “Town of Richmond and Park Lots in the Township of Goulbourn” (both published by OGS) will help verify the exact location of the grants. The link to the tabulation is provided below.

Revised Excerpts of Military Claimants for Richmond and Goulbourn Twp.-1







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