99th Regiment of Foot Officers (13) Resident in the Canadas in August 1818

George Neville has passed along his transcription of correspondence concerning military officers and a list of the names of those officers in Canada. Some of these men are members of the 99th Regiment who settled in the Richmond Settlement.Source: LAC, RG 8, C, Vol. 188, pp. 105-107]

Transcribed by George A. Neville

[Letter, Vol. 188, p. 105]                                                     Quebec, 24th August 1818



I have the honour to submit the enclosed Return of Officers resident in the Canadas, several lately from England with Official Papers leading them to expect they were on their arrival at Quebec, or residence in this Country to receive Reduced or Half Pay to which they are respectively entitled from the Commissary General.

The Commissary General not having received Instructions from the Treasury cannot make the issue required by these Officers, and as they are suffering great difficulties and inconvenience in procuring Cash for Bills on London, I beg leave at their request in their name and on their behalf to solicit that His Grace the Commander of the Forces would be pleased to represent their situation to Government so that the Lords Commissioners of His Majestys [sic] Treasury may be pleased to authorize the Commissary General on this Station to give such Pay as appears undrawn from the Right Honorable Pay Masters General, and due to each of the said Officers

I have the honor [sic] to be


Major Bowles                                                                                    Your most obedient

humble Servant

Miitary Secretary                                                                                Thos Stott Paym[aster]


[Letter, Vol. 188, p. 106]                                                     Quebec, December 31st 1818


My name having been Sent home to England as an Ensign on half pay of the 60th Regiment for permission to draw my half pay here in this Country from the 23rd of July last, being the date of my being placed on half pay, and no answer to that application having been received as yet, I beg you will be pleased to obtain His Grace the Commander of the Forces permission to issue me an advance of Ten Pounds Sterling on account thereof, By doing which you will extremely oblige your most obedient humble Servant.


Thomas Stott Esq.                                                     Fredk Weiss   Ensign

Detachment Paymaster                                          half pay 60th Regt



Return of Officers resident in the Canadas referred to by letter of the 24th August 1818 to the Military Secretary                              [LAC, RG 8, C, Vol. 188, p. 107, not dated]


Rank                           Names                                                            Regiment

Lieutenant                Peter McGregor                               4th           Royal Veteran Battalion

Pay Master               Thomas Stott                                     “            ditto

Lieutenant                Daniel Brooks [Brooke]                5th                 ditto

“                                  S. Ormsby                                        6th           Foot

“                                William Bradford                             8th                ditto

“                                Charles H. Sache                             76th         ditto

Captain                   George T. Burke                              99th         ditto

“                               Lewis Ritter*                                     “             ditto

“                               H. T. Thomas                                    “             ditto

“                               D. B. Davies                                      “             ditto

Lieutenant             George Lyon                                     “             ditto

“                               Joseph Maxwell                               “            ditto

“                              Charles Campbell                            “             ditto

“                              Valentine L. Hall                             “             ditto

“                              John Stevenson                               “             ditto

Ensign                   Henry Stubinger                             “             ditto

“                              C[harles] L. Bradley                       “             ditto

Adjutant                L. Flingston                                     “             ditto

Quarter Master    Edwd Pilkington                             “             ditto

Captain                  J. Powell                                     103d            ditto

Ensign                   H. Graham                                      “              ditto

Lieutenant            Andw W. Playfair                       104th           ditto

Quarter Master    Willm Mc Donald                           “              ditto

Ensign                    Fredk Weiss                              60th             ditto


Thos Stott            Paymaster



* Note added by GAN:

The Memorial of Capt. Lewis Ritter, 99th Reg’t is found on pp. 35-38 of RG 8, C, Vol. 1012 (Reel C-3360) – a very detailed citation of his military history, dated at Montreal, 19th May 1818, including (p. 39) Medical certification by Wm. Thornton, Surgeon, and Summary (p. 40) of military services of Capt. Ritter.

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